Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can we use our Student ID cards to rent books?

A) No, unfortunately at this time we are unable to use Student ID cards for textbook rentals, we are looking into doing so in the future.

Q) Is what you have on the website the only product available for sale to online users?

A) No, if you contact our main store at 315-386-7319, we will do our best to accommodate any preferences on clothing and giftware that we do not have listed on the website.

Q) Where can I find the expiration form Student ID card when I am purchasing my books online?

A) There is no official expiration date for Student IDs, the system runs them as if they were a credit transaction. Just use any date past the current date and your order will go through.

Q) Can we return/exchange clothing from online orders that do not fit properly?

A) Yes, but please make sure the tags are still on the article of clothing, and that there is no damage to it. You will be responsible for any shipping charges, and washed clothing will not be accepted.

Q) Can we make special orders for electronics, giftware or clothing

A) If the item you are requesting can be purchased through a wholesaler, than usually there is no issue with an electronics order. Customized giftware and clothing (Unless through Victory Promotions), has to be ordered in multiple quantities, usually by 12 counts. If you are looking for multiple quantities, if feasible, an arrangement can be made.

Q) Can we return textbooks, and if so, is there a fee?

A) You can return textbooks if they are in the same condition and wrapping as when you first purchased them. If the book was sent to you in error on the stores side, there is no fee. However, if you return the book because of purchasing it elsewhere, or the ordering error was on your part, then there is a 20% restocking fee.

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